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Skins Sneek Preview

Eventually, this page will contain a list of available skins. My hope is to provide a few I've made myself, as well as provide a place for other developers to post skins they've made.

I don't plan on releasing my skins gallery until I've made a few more tweaks to the code base itself (i.e. not while ToolPanel is just in a proof-of-concept-release).

But here are a few IMAGES of some skins I've toyed with at home:

These skins all adhere to a similar format/theme, but that's just because I made them that way. Anything you can create in PhotoShop can easily be turned into a skin. Here's one I was messing around with (as a tribute to Dr. Sueuss) called ooobleck:

This skin is seriously UGLY. But the point is, you could wrap your content in the center of that green slime if you wanted. ToolPanel Controls make it easy...