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Q. Your license info seems to babble a lot; What do you mean by saying I can use your controls in commercial products/projects, but that I can't resell them?
A. Sorry for the babbling... Here's what I mean: If you are working for yourself or a company and want to build an ASP.NET solution and SELL that to clients, end-users etc., you are 100% allowed to use my controls in said solution (provided you keep my javascript disclaimer intact). What I don't entitle anyone to do is set up a site selling Joe's ToolPanel Controls (using my free controls).

Q. I'm not familiar with your licensing agreement. What type of license (GNU, blah blah blah) is it?
A. The only purpose my license serves is to say: hey... use my control, but don't: abuse me or my efforts (i.e. don't take credit for my work, and don't do something lame like try to sell my control (without giving me a share of the loot). If it makes 'license mongers feel better, feel free to call this a MOLP license (My Own License Program -- see even DUMB, made-up, things sound better when reduced to letters/acronyms).

Platforms / Supported Features

Q. Do ToolPanels Work in Grid Layout?
A. Yes. They're specifically designed to work in Grid Layout.

Q. Do ToolPanels Work in Flow Layout?
A. They do. They're specifically designed to work in Grid Layout, but having them work in Flow Layout was a big priority. In pre-1.0 builds there may be some discrepancies in the way the x,y positions are calculated for ControlRelative ToolPanels between browsers (i.e. there's some goofy 'issue' with IE where it won't include borders and a few other goodies when it comes to calculating x,y coordinates). Apart from that, ToolPanels will work fine in Flow Mode.

Q. Do ToolPanels work in FireFox?
A. Yes. Absolutely. Although ASP.NET won't recognize FireFox as an 'uplevel' browser by default. In order for that to happen, your web.config just needs a browscap.ini definition, and once that's in place ToolPanels will work perfectly in FireFox. For info on the browscap definition, check this link.


Q. What was your motivation in building these controls?
A. World Domination. Of course, once I remembered that this was just a web control, though, that thought soon passed. I simply saw the need for this type of functionality, and once I saw that need I formulated a few ideas about how to implement a solution. From that point on, I made a few goals: 1) Provide for a wide degree of flexibility, 2) without creating a ton of bloated javascript, and 3) provide a common interface to easily use and manipulate variations on 'ToolPanel' technology. Happily, I think I delivered quite nicely on these goals.

Q. What exactly is AngryPets?
A. I haven't quite figured that one out myself. I'll be sure to update this answer once I have a decent idea.