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ToolPanel Controls

I built these controls mostly to suit my own purposes. Once I figured out that they could be easily reused, I figured that they'd make spiffy web controls; so I've spent an insane number of hours tweaking them into a usable suite of tools (well, that part was pretty easy... designing my site to be able to pimp my labors as reusable controls has been an obsession). At any rate, my hope is that people will use these tools; having people use them will be the best reward for having made them.

If you've found these controls to be worthy of your esteem, and if they've saved you time and energy and would like to contribute as a way to say thanks, then you're welcome to do so. In other words: Testimonials, and LinkBacks are welcomed, but not at all expected.


Share the love. If these controls have made your life easier, and you think others would benefit from what you've found, drop me a line in the form of a testimonial. It's the best kind of praise/payback you can offer (once I get organized I'll drop testimonials onto a page for everyone to see... which means you'll also get a link back to your site if you include a url.) To submit a testimonial, just shoot over to my contact page and drop me an email .


Help AngryPets take over the world, and let people know how you've been able to provide such spiffy controls/navigation for your site. AngryPets has loopback banners in three exciting flavors! (I need to get out more.) Just mouse-over the images below and a ToolPanel will provide you with code you can cut-and-paste into your site. (Actually... I lied, these linkback banners aren't ready for distribution yet.)


Feel free to either copy these images, or linkback to them. Either method works fine by me.