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about angrypets.com


an overachiever production

AngryPets.com is an OverAchiever Production. Overachiever Productions is a database and data applications consultancy focused on helping companies and developers harness the power of Microsoft's SQL Server and .NET Development Platform.

ms development community

AngryPets.com is a firm believer in the power of the MS Developer Community. Therefore, much of the content on AngryPets.com is dedicated to resources aimed at companies and developers who are leveraging Microsoft Development Tools.

a personal site

AngryPets.com is maintained by Michael K. Campbell. This site therefore also functions, in some aspects, as Michael's personal site where he keeps things like:


AngryPets.com is familiar with lawyer-speak. Here's a sampling: Michael has the right to do what he wants on AngryPets.com and you're welcome to read as much as you want here, but (strangely) anything you learn here isn't Michael's responsibility.

Disclaimers usually have some 'mumbo-jumbo' about not representing any other party or affiliation, so: AngryPets.com doesn't represent any other party or organization; especially Microsoft (or any other company name used anywhere on this site).