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ToolPanel Release-History and Downloads

ToolPanel Releases are listed below in descending order of release date/version.

NOTICE: ToolPanel is a 100% free, fully-functional, non-time-bombed WebControl. Download and use of ToolPanel is governed by the license agreement. - Beta 2 2005-01-27
  Release Notes / History:
  • Ensured functionality in IE and FF.
  • Reworked the skinning framework and added a variable replacement framework.
  • Refactor of common functionality into one location for easier maintainability.
  •   Downloads:
  • ToolPanel Binaries - 185 KB - Just the .dlls necessary to plug in and get running with ToolPanel Controls.
  • ToolPanel Source - 842 KB - Full Source Code for this version.
  • - Beta 1 2004-11-30
      Release Notes / History:
  • Added Skinning Framework.
  • Established 3 types of display options for ToolPanels.
  •   No Downloads Available (version discontinued). - Technology Preview 2004-07-19
      Release Notes / History:
  •   No Downloads Available (version discontinued).