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Should I Upgrade my 1.x ReverseDOS to 2.8?

Yes you should. ReverseDOS 2.8 is much easier to manage, and works tons better. It also will serve as the basic schema for versions going forward. The upgrade, of course, is free - and should only take you about 10 - 20 minutes.

Upgrade Instructions

Because there have been so many changes to xml schema, and other things (like where the config info is stored), upgrade instructions fall under the 'no-duh' category and are just pointers to helping you REMOVE the old version, and install the new version:

  1. The only thing you want to keep from previous versions is your filters.
  2. So copy those out into NotePad.
  3. Then remove any directives in your Web.Config if you are upgrading from version 1.x.
  4. Then follow the latest installation instructions.
  5. Figure out how the syntax for your filters differs from the filter syntax in ReverseDOS.config, and translate your filters into the new syntax/schema.

Sorry for the hassle. From version 2.8 on, upgrades should be MUCH more tame and will only involve subtle changes to the .config file as well as pasting in new .dlls. (If it gets any more difficult than that I'll provide a 'translator' page that will upgrade your current .config to the new schema.