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What People are Saying

"Seriously, ever since installing ReverseDOS, I have yet to see one auto-generated comment, when I used to get about 50 a day. Worse on weekends. ... It's usually the dead simple ideas that are the most elegant solutions in the end. Thanks, Mike."
- Chris Frazier

"I installed ReverseDOS this morning to work with .Text, my current ASP.NET Blog Engine, in about 15 minutes.  The steps are simple and very well explained on the AngryPets website
"Because I installed ReverseDOS while a referral spam attack was being done to my blog, I witnessed the beauty of this tool immediately.  The referral spam was immediately squashed by ReverseDOS, and I have been referral spam free for over an hour!
"If referral spam is totally ticking you off, I recommend visiting AngryPets' website and checking out the free ReverseDOS tool to help with comment and referral spam.  My hats off to AngryPets.  Thanks. "
- David Hayden

"Last night I installed ReverseDOS and I've not had one referral feedback since."
- Erik Lane

"Today I installed Mike Campbell's excellent ReverseDOS filter. The whole excercise took about 10 minutes to install, configure and upload. This looks very promising and again highlights the benefits of HttpModules."
- Darren Neimke

"My spam count has dropped to 0 (down from a couple of hundred per day)"
"http://jcooney.net is now protected... Thanks again for writing something useful."
- Joseph Cooney (via Email)

"So far it's been a great success. I haven't seen/heard about items matching the spam criteria come through."
- Armand du Plessis (via Email)

"Since I have installed it, spam has dropped off to a trickle.  It is completely configurable and easy to add new spammers to block. And support is top notch. I ran into a small problem, and received help within a couple hours..."
- Jack Hecker

"I strongly recommend it after using it for only a few days."
- Andrew Connell

"Well I recently ranted about how much pain blog spam can be. My problem isn't feedback spam as many people report. I tried a CAPTCHA control but it (a) didn't work, and (b) didn't seem necessary. The real issue for me is trackbacks.  Well ... I installed a tool called ReveseDOS. This effectively stalls any network connections trying to send pingbacks. It was a snap to install and it really works!
"Bottom line, if you are having problems with blog spam -- install ReverseDOS!"
- Arian Kulp

"Just a million thanks for your anti spam tool and awesome piece of work. And for the support too. It worked flawlessly, no more annoyances."
- Harold Pichol (via email)

"Thanks for writing a utility like RDOS…I installed it last week and haven’t received a single spam since then (was getting upwards of 200 trackback spams a day). It really is a brilliant idea, and the fact that it uses virtually no resources is fantastic."
- Jayson Knight (via email)

"...ReverseDOS is damn near infallible. Well worth checking out if you have a comment-spam problem on your blog (whether it's CS or otherwise)."
- Mabsterama (Matt Hamilton)

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