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angrypets sql scripts


The following is a list of some SQL Scripts I've thrown together. Later I plan on turning these scripts into full-blown tools where merited. I also plan on introducing some tools that will aid in performance/blocking/bottle-necking diagnostics.

Table Sizes

A rip-off from my blog. This script is intended to allow users to gain a quick overview of how large their tables are. (Primarily intended for people connecting to hosted SQL Servers where enumerating the databases list in Enterprise Mangler takes oh so long -- however, I find myself using this script frequently on dedictated environments, as it allows me to get an overview at a quick glance.)


Another rip-off from my blog. This is a script you can run that will return precise information on which SQL Server Processes are burning up your resources. I've executed the functionality as a temporary sproc, but it could easily be compiled into a special stored proceedure (sp_). Be sure to check it out, it's already saved my bacon a few times.

Blocking Trap

This is a script I've used with a great deal of success on highly-trafficed systems. It's quite an UGLY little script, but it gets the job done. The script, and a few details about its operation, are found on my blog.


And, if you're looking for SQL Server Resources, make sure to check out the free training and videos at SQLServerVideos.com